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YGP - The Global EHS Regulatory Consulting Firm

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200 Jurisdictions, Over 100,000 EHS Legislation

Our Missions

Our mission is to provide clients and readers with authoritative regulatory analysis and insights to make not only risk-managable decisions but proactive and strategic decisions as innovative and lead companies. Young & Global Partners offer three types of business and regulatory intelligence:

  • Country EHS regulatory analysis over 200 countries
  • Industry-specific EHS regulatory analysis
  • Latest risk management strategies and best practices.
Our Story

A Little About Us

Young & Global Partners has delivered critical business and regulatory intelligence to corporate managers and decision-makers around the world. Our international reach and incomparable efforts of analysts and advisors make Young & Global Partners one of the most credible and valuable source for multinational companies, financial institutions, research centers and government agencies.

EHS Audit Protocol

YGP delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use, online regulatory database-backed EHS audit protocols for global companies. 

Product Stewardship

Do your importers have capacity to ensure compliance with product-related EHS regulations in local markets?

Regulatory Monitoring

YGP provides extensive EHS regulatory service for APAC (Asia-Pacific), CALA (Caribbean, Latin America), North America, EMEA.

EHS Lex Database

Established electronic source of global environmental, health and safety regulations over 300 jurisdictions.

EHS Compliance Audit

YGP carries out third-party EHS compliance audits (including due diligence audits) to assess ongoing EHS compliance of facilities.

Chemical Tracking DB

Early policy and regulatory action on a specific chemical substance concerned for a client & even track a particular chemical substance.