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Global Restricted Substances Program

From “Products” to “Substances in Products”. Global Chemical Tracking Service intends to catch any early policy and regulatory action on a specific chemical substance concerned for a client. In order to do this, Young & Global Partners do not only work with in-house and international partners but also closely communicate with private and public bodies in charge of chemical regulation in an individual country.

Global Product Stewardship provides a basic framework for Global Chemical Tracking Service and our experts add more systematic tools to track a particular chemical substance for a client. Our depth of regulatory coverage and analysis on global product stewardship is extensive and comprehensive.


Industry-Specific Approach on Restricted Substances

  • Chemicals: Consolidation and standardization of environment, health and safety regulatory data on products. Compliance with the requirements on the provision of material safety data sheets (MSDS) and chemical classification and labeling in line with the UN Globally Harmonized System on Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).
  • Electronics: Ensuring non-use of hazardous substances in electronics and compliance with material restriction, elimination of ozone depleting substances in processes, take-back, reuse, recycling of electronic hardware and solid waste. Further improvement in design processes, manufacturing processes, and site operations to find areas.
  • Retailers: Need and right to know about chemical-containing products from suppliers. Consumer product categories that are impacted are broad. Wal Mart requires formulators to provide environmental and regulatory data to a third-party system to review and ensure their policies are satisfied.
  • Pesticides: Prevention of any delays in regulatory approvals and ensuring launch of new technology products. Proactive product stewardship at planning, process and operation stages.

Selected Elements in Global Product Stewardship Service

  • National and International EHS Law & Regulation: This include general national environmental laws and international conventions containing regulatory control on chemicals (e.g., air pollutant emission standards, water quality standards). Chemical regulations are separately classified and compiled.
  • National and International Chemical Law & Regulation: Kashinho (Japan), TSCA (US), SAICM, REACH, IFCS, POPs, PIC, Montreal Protocol, China New Chemical Regulation. Please see the depth of our regulatory coverage – Japan Chemical Law.
  • National and International Health & Safety Law & Regulation: Occupational exposure limits on chemical agents, carcinogens, biological agents, asbestos and other air-borne agents in workplaces.
  • National and International EPR and Waste Law & Regulation: Extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations at the international and national level. Take-back, recycling, non-use of hazardous substances in products (e.g. RoHS, ELV), treatment of hazardous waste, transport of waste. Please see the depth of our regulatory coverage – China RoHS Law, Regulation and Standards.
  • Chemical Inventories, Classifications and Labeling: Inclusion of national chemical inventories in English and/or local languages. Extensive classification and labeling information with timely update. This is an extremely difficult challenge that Young & Global Partners are facing and solving together with our clients.
  • Import and Export Control / Restrictions: Import and export of strategic goods, chemical and biological weapons, chemical import and export restrictions.
  • Transport and Storage of Dangerous Goods: EU ADR, IATA, ICAO, IMDG, and other national law and regulations on transport of dangerous goods by air, waterways, sea, rail and road.
  • Product Liability, Safety and Quality Law & Regulation: Product liability and quality law and regulations (e.g. Consumer Product Safety Regulation)
  • National and International Industry Initiatives: Joint Industry Guidance (JIG), IPC, ASTM, IMDS, GADSL, ECMA International, JAMP (Joint Article Manufacturers Promotion Consortium) on material declaration and supply chain communication.

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