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We help financial services firms achieve sustainable improvements in performance. Our perspective is global, and encompasses the full spectrum of banking and insurance sectors and functions.

How companies respond to issues such as climate change, environmental risk, health & safety and executive remuneration are becoming as important as traditional financial metrics when evaluating corporate performance. YGP offers the most comprehensive ESG database containing information on 4,000+ global companies and over 500+ data points, including all exclusion (ethical screening) criteria and all aspects of sustainability performance. Our team of over 120 experienced analysts collects and standardizes the data ensuring its accuracy and comparability.

YGP understands the needs and dynamics of the financial industry and we deliver business solutions for all members of the financial community.

From transactional valuations, assessments for target investments advisory services, to buy-side independent macroeconomic, sector, company research, YGP supports the workflows of the Investment, community. Risk assessment solutions for the Commercial market include country, political, economic, security, sector, and trade credit data and analysis.

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