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We help clients take advantage of new technologies, pursue growth opportunities, and improve their operations in technically-complex design and manufacturing environments. We have deep functional expertise across the value chain, including product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and supply, as well as branding, distribution, and retailing. We serve mobile and integrated operators, digital media companies and networking and equipment firms in both mature and emerging markets.

Worldwide technology and telecommunications industries are highly technical, highly regulated, and highly competitive.

To stay on top of rapidly evolving markets and technical/regulatory landscapes, organizations need a single source of integrated information and insight on market risks and opportunities, new and changing regulations, industry standards, technological advances, and engineering best practices.

YGP has a comprehensive suite of information, insight, tools and services to make informed and profitable business decisions.

EHS Needs of Electronics and Telecom Industry

EHS and sustainability professionals at YGP have served all kinds and sizes of organizations, worldwide. We pioneered the development of many sustainability information management solutions and continue to lead the way with new innovations.

  • Comply with various materials and product regulations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE, etc.
  • Navigate complex regulatory information, stay updated on compliance requirements, view organised and consolidated legislation
  • Comply with relevant environmental regulations, prevent and mitigate environmental impact, minimise brand degradation risk
  • Redesign products for compliance
  • Comply with workplace health and safety regulations
  • Monitor and manage air, water and/or waste output
  • Streamline planning and procedures for more effective incident and emergency management
  • Implement, document, measure and report on the organization’s sustainability/CSR program
  • Track, manage and report GHG emissions

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