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No information can fit to solve problems that each individual company faces. Whenever you face a specific regulatory issue, you can access highly motivated and regarded experts from Young & Global Partners. In the dynamic business world, when managing international business, corporate managers need the latest intelligence and insights to stay on top of market opportunities and risks. Young & Global Partners assure and develop a comprehensive system of global EHS regulatory analysis and advisory services. Our latest regulatory intelligence provides the knowledge clients need to manage their business.

Young & Global Partners’ internal EHS regulatory database provides backbone to track causes and results of facts and issues. For further information, please contact Young & Global Partners (

Case – EU Investment Strategy Planning of Asian Automotive Company

The client wanted to select a best European country for its greenfield investment which would significantly increase its footprint in the European market. Young & Global Partners have analyzed all cost and benefit factors for the potential investment in candidate countries (e.g. Poland, Slovakia, Germany, France).

In addition to the analysis of financial incentives, political and economic environment, social infrastructure, and labor relations, the project team had to assess cost factors and stringency of environmental regulations impacting the investment and operation of production facilities.

Industry Practices

  • Electronics & Semi-conductors
  • Automotive & Parts
  • Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals
  • Metals & Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
  • Pulp & Paper, Timber Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport, & Logistics

Key Practice Areas

  • Sound Chemical Management / Green Chemistry
  • Resource Management / Resource Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency / Energy Labelling
  • Producer Responsibility Legislation
  • RoHS, REACH, etc – Substances Restriction Legislation
  • Take-back and Reverse Logistics of Electronics
  • Conflict Minerals, Miners and Product Manufacturers
  • Eco-Innovation and Green Growth
  • Climate Change (Smart Grid, Green-IT, etc)

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