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EHS Compliance Solution

Regulatory Monitoring

seamless monitoring & reporting of EHS legislation

Audit Protocol & Legal Register

comprehensive audit tools, ISO 14001, OSHA 18001

Global Product Stewardship Service & Chemical Tracking

dedicated compliance tools and analytic on product issues and chemicals

Global EHS Lex Database

EHS legal database of international and local legislation




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Over 300 Jurisdictions
Our EHS service covers more than 300 jurisdictions through Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas.
Innovative EHS Solution
Easy to use and intuitive EHS regulatory database and services optimized for EHS managers at the global, regional and local levels.
Systematic EHS Theme
General Environment, Water, Waste, Air, Chemicals, Dangerous Goods, General Safety, Process Safety, Fire Safety, Occupational Health, Security.
Real World Expertise
All YGP consultants are assigned to onsite projects for at least 1 – 6 months per year. Core expertise comes from sites, not office.

Recent News

OSHA’s Top 10 Violations of 2014

OSHA unveiled its Top 10 list of most cited violations for fiscal year 2014 at the...
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First draft list of existing chemicals requiring registration released in Korea

On 31 October 2014, the Ministry of Environment published a draft list of 518...
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Status of Ecodesign in EU and Success Strategy (유럽시장 에코디자인 현황 및 대응)

유럽시장 에코디자인 현황 및 대응 전략 Anna LEE, 박대영 (Young & Global Partners) 1. 유럽의 에코디자인 ...
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Why Choose YGP?

  • Want to Solve Problem?

    Yes. We solve problems. No solving problems with problems. Simple and straightforward problem-solving with our tools and experts.
  • Want to Manage Complexity?

    Managing more complexity with less resources is a daily challenge. YGP works for you to solve complexity efficiently.
  • Want Everything at Once?

    YGP is the one-stop shop for EHS compliance system, regulatory data, EHS professionals or else.

EHS Audit Protocol

YGP delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use, online regulatory database-backed EHS audit protocols for global companies. Our EHS audit protocols have been used by clients to: ensure ongoing EHS compliance of facilities; develop EHS management systems; carry out due diligence audit before the acquisition of property; perform in-house EHS assessments. More...

Regulatory Monitoring

YGP provides extensive EHS regulatory service for APAC (Asia-Pacific), CALA (Caribbean, Latin America), North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We deliver EHS regulatory information in a timely manner to clients who can access our internal EHS regulatory database and expert advice. More...

EHS Compliance Audit

YGP carries out third-party EHS compliance audits (including due diligence audits) to assess ongoing EHS compliance of facilities in a specific jurisdiction or before the acquisition or transfer of property. In particular, while financial risk has been managed by a strong corporate team, non-financial risk has been less carefully managed by many companies. More...

Global Product Stewardship

YGP solution for product stewardship addressing: Do your importers have capacity to ensure compliance with product-related EHS regulations in local markets? At the micro level, could you ensure that chemicals in your product are usable today and tomorrow? What happens if your technology may become regulated before the commercialization? More...

Global Regulated Chemicals Database

Global Chemical Tracking & Restricted Substances Database intends to catch any early policy and regulatory action on a specific chemical substance concerned for a client. Our experts add more systematic tools to track a particular chemical substance for a client. More...

Global EHS Lex Database

Global EHS Lex Database is the established electronic source of global environmental, health and safety regulations over 300 jurisdictions. In an average year at least 30% of the legislative data changes as a result of amendments, proposals or new issues. More...

Global Dangerous Goods Database

A hazardous materials/dangerous goods information system of the world and provides information regulations for dangerous goods, edited and condensed, which is required for the safe transport of dangerous goods. This service is meant for companies and authorities which plan, conduct or inspect dangerous goods transportation. More...

Global Packaging Regulation Database

Comprehensive information on EU and national packaging and packaging waste legislation, industry activity and compliance schemes in Europe. We have carefully tailored a service to take away the hassle of packaging compliance and provide you with the resources you need to ensure you are fully compliant. More...

All-In-One EHS

AIO EHS is the all inclusive country-specific EHS service platform. For any selected jurisdiction, It delivers Audit Protocol, Legal Register, Regulatory Monitoring, Country Analysis, Global EHS Lex Database, and Global Product Stewardship Service.

Global Coverage

Americas APAC Europe Mid. East Africa
We are a proactive, energetic, innovative and dedicated consulting firm delivering global EHS regulatory intelligence and compliance solutions for leading companies in the world. YGP is the foremost provider of country-specific and industry-specific EHS (environmental, health and safety) regulatory analysis with country experts and partners over 300 jurisdictions in the world.

Innovation & Intelligence

YGP innovates. Innovation is the key to solve real-world business controversy, e.g., solving more problems with less resources.We deliver problem-solving intelligence, not problem-making information.
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